Bridging the Gap between R&D and Practical Solutions

Vy Labs, established in 2023, is a research-driven enterprise focusing on developing AI-driven digital solutions for enterprises. Our team is led by Vishwajith Ramesh, PhD, the Head of R&D at Vy Ventures and a visiting scientist at UC San Diego Computer Science and Engineering.

Our Mission

Help businesses navigate the complexities of emerging technologies with safe, research- backed, and customized solutions.

Work with bleeding edge technologies like extended reality (AR/VR) and large language models (LLMs).

High risk, high reward technologies that can be difficult for companies to incorporate into their workflows due to their inherent technical complexities and risks.

Prior to launching Vy Labs, Vish was a postdoctoral researcher at UC San Diego Biomedical Informatics developing extended reality remote communication technology for stroke telemedicine. He was also the founder/CEO of a health technology company spun out of his PhD work on human-centered machine learning for healthcare.

His academic and professional journeys have refined his expertise in managing R&D projects, particularly in AR/VR and deep learning applications in health/medicine.

Not simply a solution development firm, we're strategic partners. We guide businesses through the complexities of emerging technologies, helping them navigate the changing digital age with safe, research-backed, and customized solutions.