Vy Labs

AI to everyone
Unleashing data with LLM by leveraging cutting-edge technologies for companies, and incorporating AI into business logic.
Elevating Experiences, Boosting Productivity, Saving Time and Costs with our AI

Our LLM decodes data with pinpoint accuracy, catering to every customer’s unique needs, and enhancing productivity and experiences across various verticals.

Human Resources

Optimizing HR with rapid and precise resume parsing thereby boosting productivity and reducing hiring time and costs.

Medical Education

Empowering Medical education by seamlessly integrating evidence lookup and comprehensive medical data for informed decision-making.


Elevate safety training in heavy industries and address diverse challenges in industrial verticals, through comprehensive content analysis.


Enhancing customer service through intelligent chatbots and optimizing inventory management by analyzing textual data.

Financial Services

Optimizing financial services to implement advanced fraud detection through text analysis, and enhancing customer support.

Customized LLM

Elevate your organization's linguistic capabilities designed for tasks like text summarization, language translation, sentiment analysis, and more.